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Five Ways to Get Out of the Job Mindset

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Hey, this is Rajiv Kumar Luv Trainer, Coach, Workshop leader, Author, podcaster, Youtuber and founder of The Personality Boss which conducts the Ultimate Personality Development Program, Course, Coaching, Training and Workshops in Mumbai. I help you design the life you want. The articles that I post on my blog also have one purpose in mind “Leadership through Personality Development” Now over to the article…

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I was taking a session on “Goal Setting” with MBA students where I asked them to write down 3 of their most important goals in life. Almost 80% of them wrote ‘To get a job’ as their number 1 goal. I have nothing against jobs, but I am definitely against the job mindset. I strongly feel that the youth should explore new possibilities and get out of the job mindset, its a totally different feeling. Here are five ways to get out of the job mindset..

1. Be clear about what you want

Most people are not clear about what they really want. In my sessions I make people do an exercise. I ask them to write down 4 words which are: Be, Do, Have and Give and then tell them to make a list below each word, all the things they want to be, do, have and give. Participants struggle to come up with even a few words, Why? Because they have never thought about such things. I challenge you to think of all that you want in life. For example, I want to be a trainer, I want to be my own boss, I want to work from home, I want to have a state of the art computer, I want to give knowledge to a million people. Face it, a job cannot give you all that you want but getting out of the job mindset and getting some clarity on what you want from life will almost get you there.

2. Use the pain and pleasure principle

We all do something either to get some pleasure or to avoid some pain. Whenever we have to do something our minds will ask a simple question, Does this mean pain or does this mean pleasure. If it means pleasure, we will do it and if it means pain, we will not do it. We associate everything with pain or pleasure. For example if you associate pain to reading a book and pleasure to watching TV what action are you most likely to take? Watching the TV of course. So if you link pleasure to getting a job and paint to not getting a job then getting out of the job mindset is going to be pretty tough. Link lot of pleasure to getting out of the job mindset for example tell yourself, I will be my own boss, I can do what I want, sleep when I want, read when I want, earn how much I want, have what I want and be who I want. Doing this will help you get out of the job mindset.

3. Have a plan and take action

Once you are clear about what you want you need to make a plan to make it a reality. The more detailed the plan the better it works. For example, I was clear that I wanted to become a trainer. I made a plan of what I needd to learn or practice, people to contact, training organizations to contact, corporates to contact, brochures to print, make a website, how to market and so on.Once you get passionate about taking action very soon you forget about the job. You are excited and don’t get tired because you are now working for yourself, but wait, things may not quite work out the way you expected. Then what do you do….

4. Keep changing your approach

When we take some action something will work and something doesn’t work, so notice what’s working and what’s not working and then keep changing your approach. Again something will work and something will not work. So keep changing your approach till it works. You won’t be able to get results overnight, you will have to be patient.

5. Ask for help

One of the simplest way to succeed in life is to ‘Ask’ When I wanted to become a trainer I found that there was a person called Dr. N.H. Atthreya who was a pioneer in Management Training. I located his telephone number and called him. I told him that I wanted to become a trainer and asked him wheher he would help me. He was magnanimous enough to take me under his wings and give me exposure and lot of opportunities to practice my training skills. I never looked back. But let me give you a warning that the very first person you might approach may not help you, don’t get upset or give up. Ask someone else, if you get a No ask someone else till you find someone who is willing to help you.

Take these five steps to get out of the job mindset. I promise you once you are out of the job mindset a big fear of losing a job simply vanishes. Most people dread losing their jobs even the jobs they hate doing. Once you are out of the job mindset, you have a completely different perspective, a new found freedom that people with jobs can’t even imagine. So stop thinking like a job seeker and start thinking like a job provider. So go ahead and take the plunge.

I am Rajiv Kumar Luv. My passion in life is to make a difference in the lives of people so that they achieve their personal as well as professional best. I am absolutely committed to specially helping youngsters become leaders in their chosen fields. In the past 28 years, I have trained over 100,000 people from all walks of life. Through my two-day program “Leadership Through Personality Development” I help the youth plan their career, build confidence, make better decisions, manage time and develop their employability skills to meet today’s real-life challenges. You can learn more about me and the work I do by visiting: